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Halloween celebration at IES Alta Axarquía

Halloween in Periana: Scary Stories Spook Students
Four students´ Horror Stories Gain Acclaim for Terrifying their Fellow Classemates

October 31, Periana – It was a dark and frightful day at IES Alta Axarquia. Cobwebs, spiders, bats, jack-o-lanterns, and even a witch filled the halls of the school with fear and horror. And while the decorations that adorned the walls were a sight to see, the horror stories gave goosebumps to everyone who had the good fortune (or horrible luck... X_X) to read them.

Just as shocking as the actual stories was the students´ use of such vivid English. According to Eric, the American auxiliar, the imagery in the stories describing monsters, death, haunted houses, and terror was so scary that the stories could be sold for millions of euros in the United States or England. Whether the stories took place in cemeteries, attics, or dark rooms, all of them raised the hairs of those who read them.

While all of the horror stories instilled fear, only four gave readers nightmares that lasted weeks. From 3º A, Ainohoa Murillo Ríos and Saray Olalla Aguilar came in fourth place with their terryifying tale. In third place, Hayley Talboys from 2º B delighted the judges with her British interpretation of Halloween. In second place, Elena Bazaga Campos from 3º A impressed judges with her frighteningly strong descriptions. But in the end, only one story recieved the most votes to be deemed the creepiest, spookiest, most horrifying story of them all. Manuel Molina Pareja from 3º A terrified the judges so much with his story that they were scared to come to school the next day – it was a shock nobody had a heart attack! He earned first place for his story that made readers tremble with terror.

All in all, it was a great, albeit terrifying day. There was lots of candy, a costume here and there, and even a little treat-or-treating. Thankfully nobody died – but who knows what will happen next year...  

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